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Statement CC Statement CC 16/2023 - August 27, 2023

Engels and two lessons for the struggle of the communists today

Human history in the 20th century is marked by the development of the first world wave (1917-1976) of proletarian revolution (socialist and new democracy revolutions). In the imperialist countries of Europe and North America this wave exhausted and resulted in the crisis of their communist parties formed under the Communist International of Lenin and Stalin. The revival of the conscious and organized communist movement (COCM) in these countries is a matter that decides the future of humanity. Understanding the reasons for the exhaustion is indispensable. We believe that the Introduction to the collection of Marx's articles Class struggles in France from 1848 to 1850, written by F. Engels in 1895, illustrated the crisis that threatened the COCM of the imperialist countries and that the crisis actually occurred confirms its teachings. Therefore, we send to our English-speaking contacts the Statement 16/2023, that the CC of the (n)ICP circulated in Italy on August 27, 2023. We urge each recipient to study it and we will be grateful to those who send us their remarks and criticisms, if any.(...)

October 26, 2023

Greetings to “International Conference – For a real peace, a fair peace”: to promoters and participants

(...) (new)ICP greets the “International Conference – For a real peace, a fair peace”, that will take place in Rome in the next October 27-28, 2023 and will gather in Italy representatives of anti-imperialist, progressive and democratic struggle of many countries.
The Promoting Committee of the Conference hopes for the shape of “a world based on respect for every people and all nationalities”. Great! Such a world is socialism: for anyone who goes deep in the search for the main source of the wars raging in the world today and provoking so much suffering and destruction, it will turn out that it lies in the conflicts between the great capitalist commodities’ producers, tycoons or speculators and in the oppression they exert on the workers of their own country and the peoples of other countries.
For decades, namely since the end of the 19th century, the beginning in the history of humanity of the epoch that we communists call imperialist epoch, peoples have no longer been driven to war by the need to increase their productive forces and to dispose of a greater quantity of goods in their struggle for survival. It is capitalists who force peoples to war. (...)

The Voice No. 74 - July 2023

Civil war in the USA

The US military-industrial-financial complex seeks to preserve the domination that the US imperialist groups imposed on the world after the Second World War, but in addition to the opposition growing in other countries, it must face the war developing in the USA itself. This war has many promoters with antagonistic interests. They do not cooperate with each other, but they all contribute to undermine the US military-industrial-financial complex.
We Italian communists must take this into account to have confidence in the possibility of success of our struggle, against those who object that “the US imperialist groups, Zionists and EU will not let you do it” to our line of creating the conditions for the constitution of the People’s Bloc Government.(...)

October 12, 2023

Greeting from (new)ICP to promoters and participants of the International Theoretical Conference on Imperialism and War (Amsterdam, October 14-15, 2023)

(...) Central Committee of the (new)Italian Communist Party greets the “International Theoretical Conference on Imperialism and War” (Amsterdam, October 14-15, 2023), promoted and organised by the National Democratic Front of the Philippines, as a relevant event gathering dozens of parties (communist, progressive, anti-imperialist, democratic) and people’s organizations debating about the current stage that humanity is passing through and the means we must use to get out of it. (...)

Notice to sailors 129 - August 22, 2023

Edizioni Rapporti Sociali has resumed the publication of Opere di Stalin (Stalin’s Work)
Let’s enhance the experience of the building of socialism in USSR, of the first world wave of the proletarian revolution (1917-1976) and the current work of the first socialist countries, namely of People’s Republic of China, in order to promote the rebirth of Conscious and Organised Communist Movement in imperialist countries and to advance the second world wave of proletarian revolution!

Statement CC 4/2023 - February 2023

To every individual convinced that socialism is necessary and determined to establish it
Build more advanced communist parties in the imperialist countries than those that operated during the first wave of the proletarian revolution!
Which communist party do the Italian popular masses need in order to become a force capable of establishing socialism?

5 February, 2022 Interview to (new)Italian Communist Party by kites review

Dear comrades, the (new)Italian Communist Party has recently released an interview to kites review (kites-journal@protonmail.com), which published it in its issue 5-6 on December 2021.
kites (www.kites-journal.org) was founded in 2020 boosted by two North American organizations: Revolutionary Initiative (RI) from Canada and Organization of Communist Revolutionaries (OCR) from US. It is a publication aimed to the discussion about revolutionary strategy and tactics that communists have to adopt in North America and in their respective activity contexts. Until now, they published five issues of the review. Our interview is about issues concerning international communist movement, starting with the summation of the first world proletarian revolution (1917-1976). Thus, the interest for it isn’t limited to North America (US and Canada) nor to Italy. We think that its study will be useful to all those who will make it in order to develop a frank and open debate about these issues. We are available to deal with problems about these issues which every reader would submit us.
We wish you a good reading!

Central Committee of the (new)Italian Communist Party

August 30, 2021

Appeal to organizations and representatives of conscious and organized communist movement of the whole world to send and let others send solidarity messages to the Factory Collective and GKN workers of Campi Bisenzio (Florence)

Statement of CC 17/21 - July 15, 2021

Get out US bases from Italy! End with Draghi government subjugated to US and EU!

Solidarity with Cuban people!

Statement of CC 2/2021 - January 21, 2021

On the centenary of the foundation of the first ICP - the teachings of his experience applied by the (new) ICP

Let’s celebrate the centenary of the founding of the first ICP by consolidating and strengthening the new ICP and advancing the revolution that will make Italy a new socialist country!

June 15, 2018

We circulate an article for our English-speaker correspondents by Comrade Ulisse, Secretary of the CC of the (n)PCI, published on the June issue of Resistenza, paper and online (www.carc.it) monthly of the CARC Party (Support Committees of the Resistance - for Communism) - Italy. We trust that this will be useful both to improve mutual knowledge between organizations working on the rebirth of the communist movement and to develop an analytic evaluation of the first wave of the proletarian revolution.

The Delegation of the CC of the (n)PCI


Basque Country

An army who learns from his own defeats is meant to win!


The two main teachings of the October Revolution

Speech by (new)ICP’s Central Committee for the October Revolution Centennial Conference
Amsterdam (23-24 September 2017)

Dear comrades,

first of all, we thank the comrades of Filipino Refugees in the Netherlands (FREN), of the International League of Peoples' Struggle (ILPS) and of the People's Resource for International Solidarity and Mass Mobilization (PRISMM) for giving us the opportunity to explain the theses of our Party on the teachings of the October Revolution to the comrades who participate in this Conference.

We can draw many teachings from the victory of socialist revolution in October, (...)

Download the(PNG)
Manifesto Program


August 9, 2017

Greetings from the (n)ICP to the P.CARC Festival of People’s Revival on the occasion of the celebration on August 12of the Centenary of the October Revolution

Let’s learn from Greece!
Statement of the Central Committee 7/2015 - February 18, 2015

Appeal to the French comrades
Antonio Gramsci master of the socialist revolution in the imperialist countries

September 2014

La Voce n. 44 of the (new)Italian Communist Party

July 2013

Gramsci and the
Protracted Revolutionary People’s War
Viva Commander Hugo Chavez Frias!
Statement of the Central Committee 09/13 - 5th March 2013

La Voce n. 43 of the (new)Italian Communist Party

March 2013

The Strategy of Socialist Revolution
in the Imperialist Countries

For whom the bell tolls?
Statement of the Central Committee 44/12 - 17th December 2012
An indispensable aspect of our struggle for building the People’s Bloc Government
Statement of the Central Committee 27/12 - 26th July 2012
To get out of EU, of euro’s monetary system, of the NATO? No, thanks!

Statement of the Central Committee 18/12 - May 18th 2012

8 May 2012
To the Direction
of the Communist Organization of Greece - KOE


Call for the Parties, the Organized Bodies
and the Protagonists of ICM
Problems and Tasks
of International Communist Movement in 21st Century
Article  from
La Voce
del (nuovo)Partito comunista italiano, n. 40 March 2012

The dreadful slaughters of Oslo and of the island of Utoya move and outrage millions of people!
Statement of the Central Committee 24/11 - 24th July 2011

The Paris Commune (18th March - 27th May 1871)
and the socialist revolution in imperialist countries

Article  from
La Voce
del (nuovo)Partito comunista italiano
, n. 38 July 2011

March 8, 2011 - 100th anniversary of
International Women's Day

Article  from
La Voce
del (nuovo)Partito comunista italiano
, n. 37 March 2011

The strength of the imperialist world system
and the revolution in single countries

Article  from
La Voce
del (nuovo)Partito comunista italiano
, n. 37 March 2011

The second wave of proletarian revolution
advances all over the world
Article  from
La Voce
del (nuovo)Partito comunista italiano
, n. 37 March 2011

Tens, hundreds Egypt! Tens, hundreds Nepal!
Statement - 12 February 2011
Interview by monthly review Resistenza
to the General Secretary of the (n)PCI

Statement - 14 October 2010
Why the new Italian Communist Party does not participate in the Founding Conference of ICOR
 3 October, 2010
Two lines struggle in the Communist Party
 Article from  La Voce
(La Voce of the (new)Italian Communist Party) No.
35, July 2010
Four main issues
to be debated in the International Communist Movement

  March 15th, 2010
Salute to the 7th
Conference of Communist Party of Greece (Marxist - Leninist)

 March 15th, 2010
Long live the 1st Congress of the (n)PCI
Article of the General Secretary of the (n)PCI
for the n. 34 of the review
La Voce (March 2010)

The interpretation of the nature of current crisis
decides communist parties’ activity

Article by Nicola P. member of the editorial staff of the magazine La Voce del (nuovo)PCI for N° 36 (February 2010) of International Newsletter, organ of ICMLPO (International Conference of Marxist-Leninist Parties and Organisations)

Let's really embrace Maoism as the superior phase
of the theoretical communist heritage!

Statement submitted by the Delegation of the Provisional Commission at the meeting convened in Paris on 30-31 January 2010 by Maoist Communist Party - Italy (Communist Proletarians), Maoist Communist Party of France, Maoist Communist Party of Turkey/Northern Kurdistan

Save the planet from capitalism!
December 3rd, 2009
To Marxist Leninist Communist Party
of Turkey/Northern Kurdistan
Greeting on the occasion of
15th anniversary of the foundation of the Party

September 10th, 2009
Revolutionary people’s war in Nepal and in Italy
Even the longest march is done by single steps

Article from  La Voce
(The Voice of the (new)Italian Communist Party) No. 32, July 200
Open Letter to the Politbureau of
Communist Party of India (maoist)
10th July 2009
On the Proposal of the CP of Greece (m-l) for a Joint Statement on the European Paliament Elections
23rd May 2009
The Provisional Commission opened its Delegation in Paris
An initiative to strengthen contacts and relationships in the international communist movement

5th May 2009
The political order of the first socialist countries
A very important issue: the political order of future socialist countries

Article from  La Voce
(The Voice of the (new)Italian Communist Party) No. 31, March 200
The political order of socialist countries
Message to Symposium on the political order of future socialist countries the Maoist Communist Party of Turkey/North Kurdistan hold in Frankfurt (Germany) on 24 - 25 January

4th February 2009
Let the new year be the one of the establishment
in our country of a Popular-Bloc government
that puts an end to the crisis!

1st January 2009 - Statement

Solidarity with Palestinian people
resisting Zionist occupation!

28th December 2008 - Statement

The new general crisis of capitalism opens the way to socialism!
19th December 2008 - Statement

Let’s become communist, let’s form the leading
group of the Communist Party!
Let’s be morally tenacious, intellectually sharp!

Article by Anna M. from La Voce (The Voice of the (new)Italian Communist Party) No. 30, November 2008

The victory of Barack Obama in US presidential elections is an excellent sign for the Communists, ...
5th November 2008 - Statement

Socialism is that too!
9th September 2008- Statement

Afghan Resistance has hit the aggressors hard again!
Long live Afghan people’s heroic Resistance!

22nd August 2008- Statement

Smouldering war Georgia-Russia
17th August 2008- Statement

Nepal - The First Great Victory of International Communist Movement in 21st Century
Article by Umberto C. from La Voce n. 29, July 2008
Against the economism
Article from La Voce n. 29, July 2008
Let’s celebrate the victory we’ve reached in the Eighth Legal Proceedings (ELP) launched by Italian Authorities against the “Caravan”, group that brought to the reconstruction of (new)Italian Communist Party!
4th July 2008 - Statement
Struggle to establish socialism and struggles of claims
1st July 2008 Statement
Democratic revolution or socialist revolution
Pluripartitism or dictatorship of the proletariat
20th June 2008 Statement
On May 28th in Nepal, the democratic revolution abolished the monarchy who claimed to have divine origin
1st June 2008 Statement
To the parties, to the organizations of the communist movement, to the not organized communists!
May 2008 Statement
Manifesto Program
of the (new) Italian Communist Party
19th March 2008 Statement
The participation of our country in the US
preventive war and in the imperialist aggression
against the oppressed countries, and the deterioration
of living and working conditions for the majority of
Italian popular masses are the two sides of the Italian imperialist bourgeoisie’s Common Program!
These two sides are closely linked to each other!
14th January 2008 - Statement
Freedom for Jose Maria Sison!
4th September 2007
(new) Italian Communist Party greet the 2007 August 4th celebrations of 25th anniversary of MLPD
MLPD International Seminar
The preparation of international revolution in its relation with the great mass movements
Third topic of the five proposed
within the Seminar of 2nd and 3rd August 2007
The struggle of the international working class, the anti-imperialist struggles of the peoples and the marxist-leninist partybilding
The 90th anniversary of the October Revolution
Article from La Voce, n. 26, July 2007
Let’s give the welcome they deserve to Bush and his hosts: the Vatican and the government of Prodi-D’Alema-Bertinotti !
27th May 2007 statement
Salute to the International Conference "With the Resistance, for a just peace in  Middle East", Chianciano Terme 24th-25th March 2007
 15th March 2007 statement
The future of Vatican
Article from La Voce, n. 23, July 2006
The role of Chinese revolution in the
world communist movement
 Article from La Voce
del (nuovo)Partito comunista Italiano, n. 22, March 2006
An important victory of communist movement: the comrades Giuseppe Maj and Giuseppe Czeppel are free!
 Message of Provisional Commission of the Central Committee 25th May 2006
 The second phase of the first socialist countries
 Article from La Voce del (nuovo) Partito comunista italiano,
n. 22
, March 2006, pages 25-35
Ten theses on the Second World War
and the communist movement

Article from La Voce n. 20, July 2005

The necessity to revise the experiences of the past
and to work out the present experiences by the light of the theory of the long lasting popular revolutionary war

Article from La Voce, n. 18, November 2004

Founding declaration of (n)PCI
1st November 04

The necessity of distinguishing between
the universal and particular laws of the
protracted popular revolutionary war

Article from La Voce del (nuovo)PCI, n. 17, July  2004
Let the Communists of the imperialist countries unite their forces for the rebirth of the communist movement
Article from La Voce del (nuovo)PCI, n.12, November 2002
The eighth discriminating factor
Article from La Voce, n. 9, November 2001
and n. 10, March 2002

Which Party do we need
An abstract from La Voce, n.1, March 1999

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