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The Voice No. 74 - July 2023

Civil war in the USA

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The US military-industrial-financial complex seeks to preserve the domination that the US imperialist groups imposed on the world after the Second World War, but in addition to the opposition growing in other countries, it must face the war developing in the USA itself. This war has many promoters with antagonistic interests. They do not cooperate with each other, but they all contribute to undermine the US military-industrial-financial complex.

We Italian communists must take this into account to have confidence in the possibility of success of our struggle, against those who object that “the US imperialist groups, Zionists and EU will not let you do it” to our line of creating the conditions for the constitution of the People’s Bloc Government. Of course, we will have to face their intervention, but precisely the victorious struggle against it will lead to the full revival of the communist movement in Italy and the establishment of socialism. And our struggle can be victorious.

The US imperialist groups are divided among themselves and will divide more and more: it is in their nature, they are competitors for the valorization of their own capital. The clash between Biden and Trump's followers is one of the demonstrations of this underlying contrast. The contrast will intensify and the clashes will multiply. Not only we and communists of other countries will benefit from it, but US communists will also learn to take advantage of it for the revival of the conscious and organized communist movement in the US. The course of things that the US imperialists impose on the USA itself with repression (the USA is the country with the highest percentage of the population made up of prisoners and victims of other forms of state repression) and with the brutalization of the minds and hearts of the popular masses (the USA is a country with a high percentage of drug addicts and a high number of mass shootings), promotes the development of an increasing resistance. The commodity production system was disrupted by the capitalists themselves who went to exploit the workers of other countries (imported goods are much more than exported ones: the trade balance is chronically deficient). Unemployment, precarious work in the United States are widespread and together with the greed of corporate bosses, racial persecution, increased violence against women (laws against the right to assisted abortion are just one example) and the growing straits of students (school fees and housing) and young people in general fuel the resistance of the popular masses. It is a wide field of action for revolutionaries in general and for those communists who will come to have a higher understanding of the conditions, forms and results of the class struggle. Revolutionary mobilization will grow. Reactionary mobilization will grow too, because imperialist groups and their agents take advantage in a thousand ways of the impatience, discontent and rebellion of the popular masses. The last presidential election demonstrated this on a large scale. The circulation of weapons is a US tradition and a source of great profits for manufacturers and traders. To all this we must add the environmental devastation and the pollution that the capitalist mode of production worsens both in the USA both in the rest of the world.

In a nutshell, this is the field in which the civil war in the United States is developing. It undermines the force with which the US military-industrial-financial complex oppresses the rest of the world and it is the field in which communists will learn to develop not only trade union and political claims, but also and above all the revolutionary people's war.

Nicola P.