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The Voice No. 76 – March 2024

International communist movement

The (New)Communist Party of Canada was founded!

An important step forward in the conscious and organized communist movement of the imperialist countries

On January 31, 2024, the (New)Communist Party of Canada-(N)CPC announced its founding as an underground communist party that aims to promote and direct the protracted revolutionary people’s war of the working class against the bourgeoisie that will make Canada a socialist country and it simultaneously published its Program (announcement and program can be found at the link www.kites-journal.org/2024/01/31/the-political-program-of-the-new-communist-party-of-canada/). The Organization of Communist Revolutionaries USA (OCR – Organization of Communist Revolutionaries, www.ocrev.org) - the organization that with the Revolutionary Initiative (RI – Revolutionary Initiative, www.revolutionary-initiative.com) has been regularly printing kites journal in New York since January 2020 (www.kites-journal.org) – promptly greeted the announcement with enthusiasm while not sparing criticism on some points of the Program, an indicator of the healthy struggle between two lines underway in the communist movement of North America.

The founding of the (N)CPC is the result of several years of gathering of organizations and representatives of the Canadian conscious and organized communist movement, which began in 2020 and realized in a Conference held in 2021 and in the founding Congress held in 2023. The promoters of this work have consciously and systematically combined the contribution to the struggle of the popular masses against the catastrophic course of things imposed by the imperialist bourgeoisie with the struggle against the three main deviations which during the first world wave of the proletarian revolution (1917-1976) prevented even the Canadian communists to successfully play the role of promoters and leaders of the struggle to establish socialism: claims in the economic and other fields, parliamentarism, militarism.

In the announcement of its founding the new party declares: "The (N)CPC was born in clandestinity because our Party – which is guided by what we consider to be the highest stage of revolutionary proletarian theory at this point in history, Marxism-Leninism-Maoism – knows only too well that proletarian revolution is neither a peaceful “civil” act nor a parliamentary affair. Rather, it is a protracted political process of accumulating revolutionary forces, building the organs of proletarian political power and escalating confrontations with the ruling class and its agents that can and eventually must lead to open civil war between the antagonistically opposed classes. We know full well that the capitalist-imperialist state and ruling class will not hesitate to vilify and repress the communist vanguard party and the proletarian revolutionary movement the moment it appears as a threat to the bourgeoisie. Thus, our Party builds the proletarian revolution accordingly, in clandestinity. After all, a real (i.e., revolutionary) communist party is the only existential threat that the bourgeoisie faces. The dictatorship of the bourgeoisie knows this, while many Leftists, “Marxists,” “Maoists,” etc. do not. Serious communist revolutionaries like ourselves, however, do, and thus act accordingly in our mission to bring the proletariat into power."

There are many reasons to have confidence that the work done by the promoters of the establishment of the (N)CPC will be fruitful for the socialist revolution in Canada and will also have a positive influence on the development of the communist movement in the USA. They were based on a serious work of study and assimilation of Marxism-Leninism-Maoism, an in-depth assessment of the first wave of the socialist revolution in Canada (which gave Norman Bethune, the protagonist of one of the "three most read articles" of the Proletarian Cultural Revolution of the Chinese people) and an in-depth class analysis of Canadian society (the working class which must be at the head of the other popular classes, although the (N)CPC does not clearly distinguish it from the rest of the proletariat). The close relationship that the promoters of the (N)CPC have long had with the Caravan of the (new)Italian Communist Party gives us confidence that they will overcome the limits that persist in its Program relating to 1. the understanding of the absolute overproduction of capital and its consequences and 2. the analysis of the imperialist era of bourgeois society and, in particular, of the war waged by US-NATO imperialists against the Russian Federation in Ukraine, against the theory of the clash between "opposing imperialisms".

The situation is favourable to the development of the power of the organized popular masses, from Canada to Italy. We have a lot to learn and do, but victory is possible.

Long live the (N)CPC, promoter of the socialist revolution in Canada and North America!

Tonia M.